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Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to make up a special class on a convenient-to-you day for your group.  Perhaps a teen night of cooking, date night for a group of adults who want to be in the kitchen learning together,  Grandparents and their grandkids??. . I am open to teaching many different ages and foods.
As an ambassador for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, I am committed to helping families learn skills that can lead to healthier eating, 


Classes  focus on foundational kitchen techniques appropriate to the age of the class participants.  This is hands-on experience which  helps them value the good foods over the junk foods.  The focus is on uncomplicated preparations of good, fresh, healthful ingredients and in trying to engage all our senses as we cook.

Reviews from March break classes:  

" Thank you, Jill.  I cook with the kids, but your friendly and respectful attitude towards the kids really made them feel empowered and excited about cooking!  Can't wait for the next class." 

"The class was great.  I would love to do it again.  I had fun making everything we made."  

Spring school break classes will be booking soon.


This class is for those who want to keep chickens in their own backyards. Chickens can be successfully raised in even a very small urban backyard.  Most towns allow chickens especially here in New England.  Come with ALL your chicken questions. You will handle a full grown hen and see for yourself what it takes to have some chicken friends. We will have some goodies made with the freshest eggs ever.  A fun family night activity for the family.  

This class is designed for beekeeper wannabees. This class will give you the knowledge to go ahead with confidence and order those bees. We will go over where to get bees, what to prepare before their arrival (this includes a comprehensive guide to buying hive equipment and protective clothing), where to place a hive, fun and challenges with beekeeping, how much time and money does keeping bees require, where to find a class series with hands on beekeeping before your bees arrive, and the benefits of joining your local bee club.  Weather permitting, we will open up a hive and take a look inside.

$30 class fee:  Watch for a date.  


Contact Jill at 
413 498-5987

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