Sunday, February 22, 2015

Welcome back.  I've been hibernating.  There is a new page at the top of the blog called hive notes.  That is where I plan to keep the beekeeping blogs this year.  The bees were out flying for the first time in 2015.  Go to the link for a whole blog on the bees.

Elsewhere in the yard:

 The tractor is under there somewhere.

 That little "duck house" sitting in the garden has quite a load of snow on it.  That is NOT from the snow blowing, it has just fallen there.  Notice the picket fence? I thought not.  Almost gone.
 The hens are VERY tired of the negative chills.  But today got to see the sun.  We had to let, Frank, the rooster, go on to a better place in the middle of this awful winter.  He was never a very hearty guy.

 The snow is M E L T I N G!!!!! off the garage and carving a little trough in the snow.
 We are down to the last row of firewood in the shed.
 Jello LOVES the snow.
 The snow slides, or is pulled off the slate roof, and lands in front of the dining room windows.  That is about 8 feet tall now.
 S L I D E!!!   I caught this piece just as it slid off.  A very good thing, indeed, because today is just a fluke.  It will drop to the negative temps again tonight and MORE SNOW is coming in a couple of days.  yeah. not.
Our path out.  I think the only thing keeping me going is that today is Downton Abbey day and there is going to be a wedding.

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