Thursday, October 2, 2014


Last Look at Summer 

Part 2:  I know I will be glad to look at these shots again in January.  Summer was not long enough this year.  These are all for me. But if you need summer you are welcome to feel the sun here, too.

Sailing on the Olad out of Camden, Maine.

Nasturiums remind me of Hobbits.

Asters along the front stone wall

Rudebekia--Black-eyed Susans

Some of my cut comb which won a blue ribbon at the Franklin County Fair.  Good job bees!

John's Mitsubishi chickens' (see blog Car Dealer Sweetens the Deal) eggs won a blue ribbon, too.  Today, Betsy, the chicken hopped right up into the back kitchen door and came inside.  Cheeky chicken.

…and my proudest fair moment
Lovely backlit display at the roundhouse at the fair.  It really shows off the different honeys.

A new hydrangea out front this year.  I think it is called, lemonade.  Very large mop heads all summer long and stunning bright leaves.

More flowers out by the stone wall

My favorite day lilly

Crazy blue salvia in a giant blue pot by the kitchen door has greeted us all summer. I have Not enhanced the blue here.  It is just that great.

Soooo many veggies from the CSA that I did a little more canning than usual.  Dilly beans, sandwich pickles with onions, and pickled beets here. Still at it.  Today I made concord grape jelly.

Brimfield was great in July, but was just too hot to even try to go in September.  That was weird!  I picked up an oar here for Rebecca.
(She has painted it and hung it in her home)

Galvanized is my thing.  Honeycomb is my thing.  So how could I pass up a giant galvanized honeycomb?  I have learned to just buy it at Brimfield and figure out later how it is important in my life.  I also know to buy it when I see it, because relocating something there is a miracle. This is now on the wall in the mudroom.  

Carousel fun.  Heritage Gardens in Sandwich has the most beautiful carousel ever.

H, with ear protection on because the splitter is going, is learning to stack wood.  Everyone has to work the woodpile around this place.  This only lasted a few minutes, but it's a start.

This was a particularly busy day in the trucking and car world.

The BEST summer days are spent at the beach with kids and grandkids.  Not enough of these this summer.  This is Wingaershaek Beach in Ipswich.  When the tide goes out, it reallllly goes out. You can walk out as far as that lighthouse in the far distance. It has been a favorite since our now-grown children were young.  There are no big crashing waves to wash away little people.  John has always sat like that.

J draws on anything with anything.  
The back deck at her house is fav.
I have enjoyed having kids out on the Cape this year.  And with their work schedule at First Mate Photo I have had lots of time with C and J on Cape Cod.  Lucky Grandma.
And now I will move on to fall. 

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