Friday, October 17, 2014

Brimfield Score for the Queen Bee

Brimfield Score!!  

I am always looking for galvanized and for things related to the bees.  So, this was a no brainer.  At Brimfield, you have to buy before you can figure out where things will end up.  It is impossible to go back for an item later.   So, here it is now.  On the beadboard wall in the mud room.  I feel like the queen bee now.  Dozens of little bee cells to put things in.  Dried flowers, garden tools, bee tools, gloves, mittens, hats. . . .

It is very heavy, so it is hung with 4 large bolts in each corner.  J gets me, so he found some rusty, funky old bolts-just right.  I love my handy man.

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