Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Farm Tour July

Time for a little walk around the farm, to see who is about and what is growing.  After our walk, jump over to the "classes" page to see what is coming up in August.  You will need waterproof shoes as it is SO wet from all the recent thunderstorms.  Let's go. . . .

We are afloat in fresh eggs.  Need some?  The 3  "Mitsubishis" (3 hens that came with the new sports car.  Seriously) are laying like crazy as are the older Welsummer girls.  And good old (8 years old) Pat give me a green egg once and while.
Frank Sinatra, the rooster who was beat up by the bad fox, is doing well.  His bites have healed fine.  The vet took good care of him. He went through some antibiotics, which I had to cram down his gullet for 10 days. He seems to have a bit of nerve damage around his eye.  His feathers are still a bit askew. And here is the real kicker, he does not crow!!  I'm not sure if he ever has.  He was the least dominant of the 4 roosters.  I am thinking he could be the best rooster ever, if the crow never gets going. 
This is the blue splash copper marans pullet who hatched out with Frank in February.  Almost ready to begin laying.  Beautiful.

This is the blue copper marans pullet.  Also almost ready to begin her career laying the darkest of eggs.
The asiatic lilies are blooming around the Mexican talavera bird bath in the front flower bed.
A new red bee balm has begun blooming by the apiary.
Cuckoo marans pullets.  These girls and the ones below will be for sale as they get closer to laying.  I will offer them to those who are registered for my chicken keeping courses.

Rhode Island Red

This is an all white Americauna pullet.  I have two of these.

This is one of my new favorite breeds.  She is an English Speckled Sussex pullet.  They are the most friendly little girls.

The other Rhode Island Red getting some much needed water in this hot, hot weather.  This heat is harder on the birds than the cold of winter is.  I try to cool their water down a couple of times a day if possible.  The hard part is the fox, still.  I cannot just have them out ranging all day, and finding the best shade spots.  

This beauty is another Americauna.  I love the gold head!!

And this Americauna is starting to look a little like a roo.  Those neck feathers are a little too pointy and long, and the saddle area is looking a bit longish.  I hope not.

Another Americauna.  Those cheek puffs are fab!  I am keeping this one for my self.
The nesting boxes are getting a lot of use.  Funny how they all want to lay in the same box.  They stand in front of the occupied box and cackle their heads off until their sister will move out.  All the while three other nests sit empty.

I have two golden laced Wyandottes for sale.
And I have two silver laced Wyandottes.  This one is looking a little too boyish for me also.  See how red that comb is.  And he is a bit bigger than his/her mate.
Dutch Welsummer pullet.  One of my favorite breeds.  They start laying eggs almost to rival the marans in darkness, but later they are just a nice dark brown covered with dark speckles.  A friendly bird, who does well either free ranging or confined.  A Beauty.

The Marans is eating the herbs out of the trough planter.

I will do an all bee update soon.  (Had a crazy accident out in the apiary.)  But, supers are on and the nectar is flowing.  And the bear fence is holding up.

The new truck, wood piles, an chickens big and small.  That about sums up my world.

THIS came up on its own in a planter by the coop.  I do not know yet what it may be.  I suspect a Cinderella pumpkin.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

We have neglected our wood splitting.  And the weeds are coming up through the piles now.

Bart's job is to lay out under the apple tree and watch for the fox. He is pretty good at the laying out under the tree part.
This is more what it feels like. . . .that fox is a tricky guy.  But, this is not even my photo.   It just looks so much like Bart. . .

I hope your Fourth of July was great.  I love this country.  And I love living IN the country in my old farmhouse.  I'd love to hear from you.  

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