Friday, July 11, 2014

Car Dealer Sweetens the Deal

I was not on board with adding another car to the fleet.  Last year's sports car was not a big hit with me.  But I didn't get a vote.  So, thinking it would make the car more appealing, the dealer threw in three pullets at point-of-lay to sweeten the deal.  Seems he has a side business.  John thought it was a great idea.  When they delivered the car--yes, they drove it from New York to Western Mass.-there in the back seat were these three girls.  One, probably from stress, laid her first egg in the box in the back seat of the Mitsubishi.

Aptly named:  Mitzi, Sue, and Betsy
They are Red Sex Link Hens.  Raised to sell at just the point they begin to lay, their beaks were cropped when they were young.  I feel bad for them.  It is not slowing them down while free-ranging, but they look goofy.
It turning out to be quite a nice touring vehicle with the top down.  I can snap a photo without even getting  out.

And you can see the smile in the rear view mirror.  Great sound system with a giant bass speaker, and leather seats.  Best part is that the top goes up and down with just a button push.

Discovered another covered bridge the other day.

These girls are always right under my feet.  It is CRAZY how they love to be with me. They climb into holes I'm digging to plant trees.  I'm a little afraid I may step on one.

Just a friendly Vermont cow.  I like cows, simple as that.

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