Monday, June 16, 2014

Bad Fox

"BAD FOX!!!!" Is what I find myself yelling several times a day lately.  He is a plague. Today he finally caught us off guard and went for the roosters. 

Mr. Fox had already done his morning check of the coop.  So I let the boys out--mostly to give the hens a 
break from their affections.

But I was wrong and he came back.  

This is Frank (Sinatra).  We will call him "The Chicken Who Survived."  Our own Harry Potter.
He has some punctures on his back which we treated with Betadine and then super glued back together as a temporary fix.  He is headed in to the vet's for stitches with Dr. Roseanne, my daughter.

These guys are the casualties. This is one of the realities of trying to keep poultry here in the western part of Massachusetts.  These beautiful woods are FULL of predators. Another neighbor lost 12 birds to this same predator recently. 

These were lovely birds. I was letting them mature more before I decided which  two I would keep here.  Alas. . .

He had a pretty good life until the fox came.

AND. . . the bear was here last night as well.  But the hives are safe inside their electric fencing.   He mashed the pole that had bird feeders inadvertently left out after a long and relaxing Father's Day.  I can't even find one of the feeders.  I've made the husband quit feeding the birds.
There is a little too much wildlife for me here today.   

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