Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yesterday We Were All Just Eggs--Now Look At Us!!

I LOVE baby chickens!!  Have you ever held one of these little balls of cheeping fluff?  This is a very colorful group of new babies.  My aim was to put a chick in each egg cup, but deep down, I knew that would never happen--chaos photo shoot.  
I don't get to keep all these beauties.  Pick out yours now.  I will send a few home through my chicken classes this summer.
Don't worry.  Jello is in charge of chicken safety.  She takes her job very seriously.

The brown Americauna chick in the middle looks like it will be silky.  The one with a black dot is a Cuckoo Marans.

There are Rhode Island Reds near the top right.

The one at the top is a Speckled Sussex

Dutch Welsummer, with the dark V.  The white one is Americauna.

Pretty.  Pretty.

They rather enjoyed having something new to explore for their first photo shoot.

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