Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

This pin up is my mom.  She was a fabulous western girl who knew horses in her youth (yet, I never saw her on a horse my entire life), cowboy boots, and a great man when she met him-when she was just 16.  They were married a few years later.

This was taken on the front porch of my Grandmother's house, where she grew up.  

This is the cutest picture I have of my parents.  

How many people have moms that owned a race horse--a grandson of the great Man-O-War--and knew how to race?  Fleet and my mother are the second from the right--ready to launch.  She won this race, and then Fleet cleared the fence at the end. It doesn't look like the competition was too strong. (The lady on the right always looks like Ma Kettle to me.)

Oh the Mad Men look!!  I Love her hair!  I never saw it this dark.  When I look at her here, I see my youngest child and also my niece.  She was a fabulous seamstress and I'll bet she made that dress.  (Dad was military, hence the hair.)

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