Sunday, May 4, 2014

Food Revolution Day 2014

Below is THE RECIPE to make along with Jamie Oliver and the rest of the planet to show your support.  Make this and take it to work with you.   Make it with your kids and then send it with them to school.   Have friends over and share the fun of making something together.  The idea is to make something from FRESH, healthy ingredients.  Start a dialog in your community about how we can all eat better.  

My KIDS CAN COOK class made this recipe a couple of weeks ago to try it out.  It was easy. So I know you can do it, too.  It is fun to grate up all kinds of veggies.  The dressing is made by putting everything in a glass jar and SHAKING it up.  Fun to do!! Then it all rolls up into a wrap.  Scroll down below the pictures for the full recipe.  Enjoy!

Contact me and I will help YOU organize an activity for your group for Food Revolution Day.  I will be teaching at Greenfield PreSchool that day.  They will be learning all about bees and honey as part of eating well.  Should be fun.  I'll be taking an observation hive full of lively bees.
And check out other ways you can join in the Food Revolution at Food Revolution Day

Measuring out some simple ingredients for the dressing.

Very carefully grating up raw beets.  

Check out those guns, moving so fast you can see his hand grating up the cabbage.

Big discovery about beets. . . .

. . .they make EX-CEL-LENT lip gloss!!!

Two of the cutest beet graters ever!

And to go with Jamie's wraps---strawberry lemonade  (also to be seen this summer at a lemonade stand near you.  Don't expect to get this fabulous lemonade for 25 cents.  It was the favorite of the day.)

I think they ate half the strawberries before they could get into the lemonade.  THAT is what cooking together is all about.   

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