Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kids Can Cook-Friday Class

Kids Can Cook was a big hit.  We ALL had a blast cooking together!
Here are some reviews from this set of classes:
"I loved it" My favorite recipes were the cinnamon puffs and I loved the pizza and baked apple!  I hope I can go next vacation, too."   Georgia,  age 8

. . .and from her mom:  "Georgia came home, put on an apron and made a delicious salad dressing for me!! With no recipe!  Thank you, Jill.  I cook with the kids, but your friendly and respectful attitude towards the kids really made them feel empowered and excited about cooking!  Can't wait for the next class."  Katherine  (And check out this mom's website and interesting line of aromatherapy and healing products:

"The class was great.  I would love to do it again.  I had fun making everything we made."  
 LilY, age 11

"Rowan and Calla had a WONDERFUL time with you this week!!  Thank you so much!  I love that my kids are excited about food, and helping in the kitchen.  What a great program you put together!  We will gladly tell other families how fun it was, and look forward to future vacation programs!"  Robin

Friday's class was basically a brother/sister act.  I am in love with the orange hat!  Apparently, it is only removed if really necessary.   And E's pinkness was too cute.  They worked really hard at cutting things very precisely.  I recommend these little doggie knives by Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen.  One has a serrated edge and the other smooth.  And they look like little beagles, with tails.  The tips are blunt and the handles have good grips with places for little fingers to be accurately placed.  The white knives are by Curious Chef for children.  They come in a package of three sizes-also a GREAT thing to have for little hands.  (I receive no compensation for this recommendation.)

Learning how to cut up a mango with kid safe knives.  How not to cut all the way through the skin.
Then fan it out.  This went into a fruit salad with four other kinds of fruit. 

Pizza was on the menu, so that we could make some yeast dough.  But E doesn't like pizza!! Well, we found that if you make it yourself, you can make something you like.   This was the first pizza she said she liked--EVER.  And shape is important.  The heart-shaped pizza is painted with olive oil, then sprinkled with sea salt, then two colors of peppers and just the right amount of the correct kind of cheese.  A hit.

Pizza pride.
It's okay to use your hands to put the batter in the pan.  This guy likes to keep his hands clean and had to be encouraged to let loose a bit.  
And what a foggy morning to be inside cooking.

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