Monday, March 17, 2014

Frost Heaves

It makes me laugh every time.  But it very accurately describes what is happening to the roads around here.   Where is YOUR favorite Frost Heave?  Leave me a picture and the name of the road in the comments. I wish I could award a prize for the worst/best.  What would that be?
A friend and I determined that a BUMP is a bigger event than a FROST HEAVE. A BUMP can send your vehicle airborne.  If you want to try it, take a little fast-paced trip on RT 119 between Fitzwilliam and Winchester,  New Hampshire.   I wish I could fully capture the road contours, but it just doesn't look like much in a photo.  One needs to travel the road to feel the fun of spring? in New England.

HEAVES can go on for miles.  Do not speed up thinking you've gone past the problem.  There is no "past the problem."  I found myself doing just that today, only to S L A M on the brakes to avoid damage.

There isn't anywhere on RT 119 that is flat any more.  It is like this every year.

And this is a portable sign.  It can be folded up and moved to the next worst BUMP.   Is a BUMP with this gigantic sign bigger than the bumps with the smaller signs that are tacked to anything the DPW could find?  Notice all this snow today, March 17th!!!!!

And we all know what is next. . . MUD SEASON.   I'll be on the lookout for some vehicles that live up dirt/mud roads.   I think we will all welcome the mud this year because it means the snow is going away, and maybe the single digit temps that we are still having.  

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