Friday, March 7, 2014

Chicken Orthopedics

This little Marans chick has a toe which is not in its proper place.  It is rolled down under her foot.  This could be because she came from the smallest of all the eggs in the incubator.  We are trying to help it come around to the right alignment.  Look at those feathered legs!!
Dr. Roseanne has done quite a bit of work with wild birds in the Tufts Wildlife Clinic when she was on staff there.  She has tried a few arrangements to make this toe come around.  Our problem is that the birds just pull off the taped splint.  We can't use anything too strong, or we risk tearing little birds flesh or even her tendon.  So fragile.  

This is a good view of the problem toe.  The other toe, which should be facing to the rear is more out to the side also.  

This try has no plastic foot piece, like the previous ones.  We will try just some tape to pull it up to the side.

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