Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kidscancook Day 2

This is what 5 kids did with two days of this very long New England, frozen, snowy, did we say snowy?, but cozy in beehomesoon's kitchen, February break.   Thanks to their parents for trusting in the head cook.

Recipes ready to go.  Soup ingredients for a carrot soup made at the White House Kitchen Garden project by Mrs. Obama and friends last fall.  

They made four kinds of vinaigrette.  And all four were a hit.
Salad dressing ingredients ready.  Croutons in the big bowl were toasted the day before.  By the time they ate their salad they had snacked down the croutons to half.  And they felt comfortable enough to try ad-libbing some maple syrup and herbs into their dressings.  They did a good job tasting things to see what it really tasted like, and then adjusting things to suit themselves--hallmarks of Real chefs.

The baking center is ready to make a little muffin that we used to call French Puffs at an Inn where I used to prepare breakfasts.  Light little nutmeggy puffs covered with cinnamon sugar.
1st dibbs got the beater.
Excellent mini-mufffin filling skills here.   Truly, every one was just the right size.  

Cinnamon puffs.

The bakers wanted to do a little photo styling of their own.
More photo styling and I think, Instagramming. The parents could check on what we were making.  Bet we made a couple hungry at work.
Cutting up onions really does make your eyes water.  But it was funny.

This was totally a set up by the cooks.  They were getting into the photo shoot and faked a moment.
Somebody didn't get that memo.  The menu:  Carrot Ginger Soup, Salad with lots of cut up veggies, 4 kinds of salad dressing, croutons (which they discovered were equally delicious on the soup), and French Puffs.    And fun.  Did I mention that, mostly, we just had a lot of fun playing with food.

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