Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kidscancook Day 1

We All had a blast doing some cooking today. It was another very snowy school vacation day--so being indoors was perfect.  

The main skill was learning to hold a knife and make a "claw" so they won't cut their food holding hand.   No injuries, so I think they got it.  We cut up a ton of veggies. Some went on pizzas.  Some will be in a big salad tomorrow. .
The favorite food? The baked apple with cinnamon whipped cream.  And like all the best Grandmas--we had dessert Before lunch. 
Putting a little water in the baked apple pan.  Good concentration.  (And an excellent pianist, too!)

The gang made an ABC list of healthy, understandable, simple ingredients.  They got stumped for X and U.  

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