Thursday, February 6, 2014

Horse and Sleigh

A HORSE AND SLEIGH top my dream list . . .
Real fur coats, hats and lap robes were the fashion item.  The judge in the background has on his fur. There is a little doggie in the basket.  Beautiful turnout.
. . . So on this snowy, New England day THIS is what I am wishing I was doing.  These are some photos I took last winter (with the old camera, sorry) at the sleigh rally at Old Sturbridge Village.   I had been looking forward to it again last week, but it was cancelled due to lack of snow.  It may be rescheduled.  Today would be perfect.  Watch OSV's calendar if you are interested.  It may still happen this year.  If it does, I will be there.  There are plenty of UTubes of this event.  Look them up. I'm not sure I can drag J along again, as his winter dreams-though similar in the convertible, top-down kind of way-have motors and flashy red paint.  

Mini horses were abundant.  I love the paint team.  Ribbon going to the single mini/sleigh.

The most wonderful shot of that GIGANTIC white guy and the minis side-by-side.  That man in the big rig has an incredible fur coat.  Notice the costume change on the mini rig for this event.

This sleigh is a vis-a-vis--the riders can face each other.  But this event was judged on how well your dog matched your entry.  What do you think?  That dog--and that man. . .wins for me.  He must have a huge trailer for big, white horse and that sleigh.
A cutter sleigh with lovely details.
The bulldog goes nicely with the paint.  This pony was fun to watch.

So so so fun!!  I can see these ladies headed out for an afternoon to visit friends in the village.

This was a very strong pony.  He moved right out.  See the dog?  That is a nice big draft team behind.  The morgan horse in the background was a very beautiful sleigh/team too.  Horses traditionally wear the sleigh bells because as they move through the snow they do not make enough of a sound to warn oncoming horses.  They are not just decoration.

This Belgian team belongs to Sturbridge Village.  They were taking riders around the village.
The meeting house.

Wall and gate into the formal gardens at one of the homes.

This interpreter has a pair of young oxen out for a little practice. Horns facing up. Horns facing down. Beautiful.

One of the big barns of the village.

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