Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't eat these eggs

These eggs are WAY too expensive to eat.  They are fertile Marans eggs.  I drove two hours, each way, to get them.  That is why I am officially a "crazy chicken lady" I guess.
There are several on the back row that are quite dark.  But I know that the longer a bird is in lay, the lighter they do become.  They look a bit lighter in my photo than they are, also.  The pigment on these eggs is put onto the shell as it passes out of the hen, like paint.  The inside of the shell is white.  It can be scratched off on the nesting material when it is newly laid.  It also is applied unevenly at times, making for the rather pretty speckled eggs.  But the ideal is a solidly dark, dark egg.  Here's hoping these peeps will lay those eggs.
No refrigerator or frying pan for these beauties.  Straight into the incubator.  Nothing fancy for incubating.   Still air and I have to turn them myself, but I have had good results with this set up.

I keep the eggs at 99.5 degrees for 21 days, and voila! chicks.
The all important thermometer sits on top of the eggs inside a window where I can check it often.
And WHERE do I incubate eggs?  This time, in the bathroom.  Can you see them?  That's the plan.  They are on small table just off the end of  vanity. You can see tiny corner of the incubator poking out.   This is easier than some remote location where I would have to make a trek to check on them.  And they are where the grandkids and have a look if they are here.  

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