Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cooking Class Is Almost Here!!!

I'm getting excited about my first KIDS CAN COOK class!
The Wednesday/Thursday session is sold out, but there is still some room in the all-day Friday session, if you are still mulling it over.  And after two extra snow days on the front end of this vacation, I'm guessing the end of next week will find some parents exhausted and ready to ship the kids away (at least for a few hours.)  

This cute guy is too young for my group class, but I am planning on a life-long session with grandson #3.  He looks good in the hat.  And look at the healthy choices he has made: corn, grapes, tomato, and what IS the triangle thing, pizza,pie,cheese?  He is a very good eater, this one.

I had to back off teaching the first session because I am recovering from a bit of bad, but I am on the mend now.  And I am stocking the shelves and the fridge.  I am making each of the kids their own special apron to wear here and at home.  (pictures when I am done) And I am conquering some computer skills to make some great recipe cards to take home so that the kids and keep on cooking for their families.  I am missing my old microsoft word perfect.  The Mac is still befuddling me on word documents.

I am awaiting some Amazon orders and hope they arrive in time with kid-sized tools.  They seem to be slowed in the snow somewhere.  I suppose all the flight cancellations have affected delivery.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

My inspiration is coming from both Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters.  These two chefs are doing so much to improve the eating habits of our children through their school-centered/ teaching programs!!!!   I am hoping to get a little of their love going here.
It is going to be fun, fun, fun!!!  And tasty.

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