Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bees Are Surviving This Winter

GOOD NEWS!  Here are the bees yesterday.  They are coming out through the inner cover to see why their roof is gone.  It is gone because I was quickly putting on the candy board I had made.  The cluster is living right at the top.  There was? is? a food patty just below the cover, but I did not go any deeper to see what was left, or just how big the cluster is.  Just happy to see life.  I could hear the buzzing before I opened up. 

If they had been lower, I would have removed the spacer board, just below the cover.  It is probably not needed now.  But I didn't want to disrupt this cluster, so I just placed the candy board right on top of them.  Good thing I made that hole dead center because they came crawling right out on to their sugar island.  

Lots of life in there after all that negative polar vortex.
This worries me some.   This is the bottom  side of the outer cover.  Too wet.

Out they come onto the sugar.  Two decided to take a little flight.

I pulled out that orange plug for the day and out came more to take a cleansing flight.   I think if I move the insulation up now, that the moisture problem could be solved.  

The bees are coming out the hole in the front of the candy board. That will help with some more air circulation also.   I like the shadow of the one flying bee on the front door.

I like capturing them in flight, just before they land.

And out in the coop run--a Welsummer taking in some sun.  No free ranging right now as we are seeing a fox regularly.  My neighbor just asked if that was one of my chickens she saw the fox with yesterday.  Nope.  But he scored something pretty big.  No one else nearby has hens, so it may have been a bunny or turkey?

This is Lucky who is laying eggs pretty well right now.  Looking good.  Lucky was once picked up by a fox, but got away.  Hence her name.  Funny chicken;  she has rooster spurs.  Can anyone explain that phenomenon?
I do have one very sick Welsummer in isolation right now.  I can't think she will pull through.  It is not looking good for her.

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