Monday, January 6, 2014

Procrastinated Christmas Blog

WHAT is this?  It's me procrastinating putting up Christmas photos.  Think of it as early inspiration for next year at this point.  But today as I downloaded the last of the photos off the new, awesome Canon, I thought I'd better post a few. 

 I have wanted to share this great new tree surround.  It replaces the old fabric skirt and gave me my galvanized pail fix.  It was great in that it kept the cats from drinking the tree water, also.

From the inside you can see that J folded down all the tabs he cut, making it safe.  The unusual triangular shape lets us put this pail down first and then manipulate the big tree holder.  
I love it!!!
Jello wearing bells and bows

Mixed greens garland with burlap and glittered reindeer up the stairs

The boys LOVE this train going through the tree.  And Grandpa seems to enjoy, too

Beautiful, no?

This is the most lovely glass pine cone hung on the buffet door.

J is fascinated with all the little houses.  I let the kids play with them, or what good are they?

Pine cones, some painted metallic colors, in antique wooden bowl. 
Just a little berries and tiny bells with birds on the dining room light

I painted this plate a thousand years ago.  It works nicely with this cloche
Happy sleigh riding in the cloche

Keeping the garlands simple:  garlands of grapevine, pine with some blingy, glittered balls and jingle bells

Goodbye Christmas 2013

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