Thursday, January 2, 2014

Friesians in their new home

Running free to their day grazing field

These four incredible Friesians belong to a good friend and former neighbor of mine.  I used to look out my front windows and watch them across the street.  Mid-December found me flying out to Colorado for a lovely visit with horses and people.   If you don't blink, you can catch Danielle opening the gate to let the four girls loose.  They have a quick, free trot  between corral and grazing lands every morning and evening. 

For those who also love and miss them, you will be happy to see them in their new open surroundings.  The new barn is huge and modern and the land is a western paradise nestled in a little valley running up the eastern slope of the Rockies.  Danielle has found her heaven.  And you might miss the two younger fillies, Cameo and Lotus,  who have been sold together and are ready to begin their training nearby.

 I took these shots with my new fab camera, given to me at Christmas by my kids at First Mate Photo who want to see some great photography on this blog from now on.   The camera will make that a reality, I'm sure.

This was the last I had seen of Lilly as she drove off.  This is before she put her leg out the window during her long drive from Massachusetts to Colorado

The loading of six big horses was quite the event.

Lulu needs a trip to the salon

The most beautiful head of Lilly

Lulu showing that floating quality of the Friesian
A western Christmas wreath of barbed wire--safely away from horses

Lulu and Lilly

At negative wind chills and she is steaming

I think she's looking to see if those two bobcats are still eating the deer down below.

Old Contessa was just recovering from a bad health week.

I miss seeing these girls across the street from my house.

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