Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dreaming of Beautiful Chickens

Chickens come in sooooo many beautiful colors and shapes.   Today I am just going crazy thinking about how I can fit a couple of each kind into my coop.  It won't happen.  But I can add a few more this spring.  Like looking at garden seed catalogs on a winter day, I have been looking at chicken pictures and comparing characteristics.  I want to get your chicken cravings started now and then I want you to register with my class and get ready to start your own flock of breakfast makers, bug eaters, and just comical girls to have around.  And look at these feathers.  

I do not always go for the girls that will lay an egg every day of the week.  Frankly, I'd be floating on a pavlova bed, if I did.  It is ok with me if they are not the highest producers--looks, temperament, cold-hardiness, and egg color are just as important.  This is not meant to be a catalog from which to order your birds.  I have not included any breed names.  I just want you to enjoy.  With that in mind, here are a few beauty contestants for this year:

I do not claim any of these photos today.  Some are marked from their websites.  Please visit those places and look up these birds.

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