Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014-Time to Teach

The time has come to get busy and make something of a new year.  But what shall I do with it?  Others often tell me that I am amazing and can do so many things, yet inside I feel like I am going backwards towards some kind of personal retirement.  I am losing confidence in my own abilities, I suppose.  I wash in and out like a wave. Perhaps, I am just getting lazy.  Yeah, I know I am getting lazy.  I just don't find the pleasure in all the things I have done all my life, so I just don't do them any more.  And worse, I only do them for myself and family and I contribute nothing back to anyone else.

I read the magazines and blogs, and watch the DIY shows,  and it just seems to me that they are repeating things I've known and done forever.  The daily talk shows are geared for the young, and they bore me.  Sorry. You twenty-somethings out there, don't you feel they are talking down even to you?  I've seen them talking about how to make a sandwich--really.  Who doesn't know how to make a sandwich from the time they are three years old?  One host, last week, had never seen a certain vegetable before; he was just "amazed."  Really.  I don't know how to put this without sounding kind of, well, not too humble. . .but I must be truly amazing because I seem to know all about these things.

So . . . I am wondering if my generation--50ish types--have lapsed in our child rearing?  Were some of us just so busy trying to do it all, or just stay afloat, that our children--20ish types--missed out on vegetable identification, basic sewing, homemaking skills, cooking, canning, gardening, outdoor recreation, crafting, etc?  Maybe the kids were not paying attention.  And now it is trendy and they think it is new, or that they invented it?   Now, I am not even close to perfect in this area,  but I can look at my own three grown children--all over 25ish types--and see that my decision early on in life to stay close to home and let them participate in homemaking activities on a daily basis has helped them become responsible, able adults who can identify all vegetables and know what to do with them.  They can turn out a respectable meal, make household repairs, balance their time and their checking accounts.  They have careers and families.

I think what this means to me, is that it is time to get busy and help others.  My own children still call with that occasional question.  And I guess there are others' children who could use my help, too.  It is time to teach. I have that fancy university degree saying that I am a teacher of english and reading, but that is not exactly what I have in my head this New Years Day.   (That certification has lapsed anyways, while I was busy staying at home with kids and with grandchildren of late.)   I would like to teach what I love more.

Who would like to learn some of the things that this younger generation is calling "urban homesteading?" (always makes me chuckle)  I would just call these things basic homemaking skills.  I am thinking about offering some small courses at my home in chicken keeping, getting started with bees, gardening skills, cooking with fresh, local foods from your own gardens or CSAs, how to accomplish those interior decorating tasks you may have in mind, maybe basic sewing skills or even advanced quilting?, preserving fruits and vegetables in season,  and if someone has a request for some other homemaking skill, I bet I can teach you how to do it.  I would like to have some courses for children during the school breaks or Saturdays, teaching cooking and chicken care.   And what else?

What I need right now is some feed back from the locals who could actually attend these courses.  And I don't suspect too many of them are reading this blog right now.  If you are, let me know. Please.  I would like to begin developing some one day courses that would be fun for families, groups of friends, couples, and children.   This week will see me putting the pressure on myself to complete a daily blog and thinking out loud about this kind of venture for the upcoming year.  I hope to hear from some of you other bloggers who are doing just these kinds of courses in Your towns.  Link me to your blogs so that I can also learn from you. I will work on how to get this ball rolling on line with marketing, signups and payments.  

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