Saturday, December 28, 2013

Faux Birch Wedding Cake for Jimmy & Sarah

Jimmy & Sarah were married in January 2013, 2500 miles away from most of Jimmy's family.  A large reception was held the night of the actual wedding in Arizona.  There was a very grand cake there. This is a sweet little wedding cake I made for their east coast reception later in the spring.  You must understand that Jimmy's family is very much connected to the woods of New England.  His father and siblings supply birch, as well as other natural materials,  to the major east coast floral markets.  This will explain the cutting of the cake.   The cake stand was supplied by Jimmy's dad.  The chain saw was supplied by me.

The cake is a very dense carrot cake and the frosting is Swiss meringue buttercream.
The very simple lines are just tinted buttercream.  The initials J for Jimmy and S for Sarah.

I decided that the grandkids toy chainsaw would be just the thing for cutting a cake in this family.

Sarah took to the idea, like she had been born in the woods. (She is a desert dweller by birth.)  The safety goggles are something a lot of brides will be donning this year.   She wears them well.  Pearls and goggles, nice.  I'd also want to add that Sarah sewed her own wedding gown.  Lovely, simple lines on a beautiful girl.
Ready to cut.  The little rubber blade does actually spin around the saw neck.

A little help from a real woodsman.  Two buttons to hold down simultaneously on the saw.
It turned into a 10 minute photo fest of laughter for all.

And finally a little cake. . . . .

. . . politely shared.  And a whole life ahead of them.

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