Saturday, November 16, 2013

You Come Too

from the Robert Frost woods hiking trail
I've threatened to do this for a while now....but I needed some help and motivation.  It came today.  Sometimes I have to be pushed into trying something new, especially where this computer is involved.  Luckily, I have a pretty good tech staff in the form of my daughter, Rebecca.  Though I will never have her Mac or photography skills.   Take a peek at her website,  First Mate Photo and her blog, Present to understand how she has long overcome the genes we gave her. 

Today she came with her Mac.  And, with two Macs side by side,  this is what came of my blog makeover--like a good cut & color, and a new dress with accessories.  I hope I can make it fit me just right.  
Using this new template, I now have links to my Instagram photos and I will open my Twitter up to the public. So my Tweets will take on a less personal message and more of a--what?  More of a business wanting to develop kind of tone? What am I doing?  I am always doing something.  Guess if you follow along, you will find out.  

Robert Frost always says it better.  What I am doing may not sound too important, or exciting, but if you come along we will be together. You come too. I shan't be gone long.  
So, I am kind of missing the lovely yellow honeycomb that was my header before, but I DO like the more minimalistic, cleaner look.  Anybody out there want to comment on that?
It will take some time, but I am hoping to conquer the use of social media links, and tabs, and labels, and photography.  This month of blogging every day has been a good exercise for me.  I will find my natural pace, however.  Thanks for taking time to read this.  (Anyone in Russia really reading this? Why do I have so many hits from Russia?

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