Monday, November 25, 2013

Working End of the Kitchen

DCS range top--now sold by Fischer and Paykel

It can simmer on so so low and then really sear a steak
Kitchen-Part 3/The Working Side

This is where I will be most of Thanksgiving morning.  Home on the range.
The DCS range top.  It has the fire power to do it.  4 burners and a grill in the center, with a stainless steel griddle that sits on top of the grill. A hurricane of a fan is needed to vent. These kind of fans are not the kind you find in Home Depot stores.  Look online for commercial/restaurant quality that are up to code.  This fan vents directly outside, straight right on this photo. 

That pot filler was also high on my want list and has been so worth it--especially during canning season. The typical filler is hooked to a cold water supply, but my husband and the plumber did not know this, so mine is hot water.  Going to boil it anyway usually.  It was a Very tight fit to run the plumbing for this up behind the drawers of the drawer cabinet holding the range top.  Barely fit. 

Enjoy the photos.  We worked very hard to do this ourselves. The only outside labor was a carpenter for the structural supports--removing the wall and a plumber. He is mandated by state regulations here because connecting to a municipal water supply could contaminate back into the system so it has to be done by a licensed plumber.  And I have to add that we have the most wonderful tasting water anywhere I've ever been--but the most expensive private system ever for our little corner of town. Everything was inspected and approved by the town building inspector and done with the proper permits.   Here is what we did.

Just my feelings of the day on the chalkboard
Kraftmaid maple wood cabinetry with a vanilla bean glaze.   The legs are a custom addition of our own with legs from Matthew Burak catalog, also in maple.  Kraftmaid supplied me with extra paint and glaze and top coat to finish in a perfect match.  We made all our own trim.  The cabinet companies make a killing on theirs.  This is a good place to add detail with your own work and save big time.
This is the same idea here on the baking center cabinet-leg added to an existing freestanding piece of furniture.

This is the real end working in the kitchen.  Not mine.  Bart is always in position to catch crumbs.

Leg detail on the Kraftmaid Cherry Peppercorn island.  Again, we added the detailed legs and stained them with stain from Kraftmaid.  Pottery is Bennington

And yes, I like to keep the counter this free of clutter.  The granite has small purple pieces of garnets in it.  The shelves are IKEA.  The top one is hung with the stainless on the underside so that they look like they are solid stainless.  The angles on the end of the counter and the one on the island keep us from bumping into sharp corners in the main pathways.

I did all the tile work myself.  These beautiful little raised tiles are from Stillwater Pottery.  They are smaller versions of the ones on the fireplace.  The field tiles are all stock white square and subways from Home Depot.  The trim pieces are from a discount pile I found in the tile store.

The vent hood with the two little panels and trim is all custom by my husband.  The crown molding--the same.

This is like the sink that used to be just where the new, much smaller, sink is.  This particular one was up in a second floor room of the house.  It is now in the garage awaiting a buyer.  It was just seven feet too long for my design, as cool as it it.  Always love a "before."

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