Friday, November 8, 2013


A well-stacked woodpile is the measure of a good woman/man here in New England.   We are all ready for the long haul of winter here.   The wood has been cut for a year and split this summer.  Two years ago we bought my favorite tool of all--a hydraulic woodsplitter.   I can run this by myself.  It is quite easy to roll in a log, hold down the handle and watch the splitter do all the work.  I do NOT like stacking wood, because of all the big ol' spiders in the shed.  

Most of this is oak and maple from our new woodlot that we purchased this year.  We store the wood down under the carriage shed.  Half the shed is woodshed, the other half kayak storage.  Up above is garage space which is not really sturdy enough for cars.  The rafters you see in the first photo hold up the garage floor above.   And knowing that they are all 160years old or more keeps us from happily parking two cars up there.  Our town regularly has to remove trees from the roadsides and near power lines.  

The second photo is a couple of trees (and not even all of the wood, as we split it with a neighbor) that they cut down last month.  It will be nice for next year.  I look forward to many evenings with a book and a fire.  The downtime of late fall and winter are really restorative for me.   When I lived in Arizona, for four years, I never really felt that flow of time and seasons.  I found that I need that.  I will be free from garden work, bee work, and I also feel more relaxed about things indoors.  Just sitting with family and talking seems more important by the fire, with maybe some candles burning all around too, just for the smell.  

In the wood shed.   Wood stacked all the way to the doorway.

Next year's woodpile begun.  Beehive still out in the field.

Jello the dog always barking.

Jello helping to herd the chickens.

When the leaves drop we can see the pond in the back yard again.  There are lots of migrating ducks down there.

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