Monday, November 4, 2013

Paperwhites for the Holidays--Day 1

Day 1
I thought I'd try something different on the blog.
Today I planted these paperwhite narcissus bulbs.  
This, I do every year.
It is not Christmas without them.
Watch them grow here.
Never done this, you say?  So easy.
Buy bulbs.  They have already been conditioned by chilling.
Pop into a watertight container (no holes)
Put in stones-not soil- to hold bulb in place.
Water up to base of bulb (you can plant them in a
clear container if you like so that you can watch the
roots grow also.

These bulbs were already sprouting, so they will be quite early blooming.

Crazy angles on these things.

Same pot as above.  It will be fun to watch them straighten up.  I wonder how long
it will take?  I usually don't pay much attention at the beginning.

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