Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Paperwhites Day 9 & Thanksgiving Table

Paperwhites Day 9

The stalks are straightening up nicely and are 4-8" tall today.   They are not discouraged by the snow flying outside the window this morning.  The singles are not quite so tall.  My guess as to why?   They are in a cold window and not in the room with the woodstove.   If I want to slow these down, I can put
them in a cooler place.    
Keep scrolling after the Narcissus to see some Thanksgiving prep beginning.  I had a big Delivery today that got me excited for Thanksgiving tablescaping!!

For some reason the moss in this pot is very smelly and it will have to go.  The other pots do not have this smell, leading me to think there is something in there--a worm? bugs? stinky dirt?   I will come up with another top cover.

My first ever QVC purchase.

This Thanksgiving "I Will Not Use Two Kinds of Silverware!"   Why have I never owned service for 12 before?  Maybe I should have bought two sets--service for 24?

8 piece settings x 12, plus lots of service pieces.   I feel like Downton Abbey.  Well, downstairs at least.

Thinking about a Thanksgiving setting for 11--4 of whom are not too good with china, crystal,  and spoons.  New tablecloth, not too dressy.  So probably use lots of wood and galvanized.  The turkeys are something I painted a couple of years ago to look like pewter.  About $5 vs. the $29 each at Kringle Candle.   There will be Kringle candles on the table, however.  I love a candle lit table.

One year, when I lived far from New England, and needed something to cheer me up, I discovered buying English Stafforshire on EBay.   The buffet size plates on the left each have a different New England scene.  

This little cabinet holds lots of china and napkins, etc. in the dining room.  Looking festive.  The birch stands are left from a family wedding this year.  They held the wedding cake that also looked like a birch tree.  The bride, Sarah,  cut it with a pretend chainsaw.  Lots of fun.  The center hurricane is filled with horse chestnuts, some of them painted copper.  

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