Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Paperwhites Day 16

I am ahead of Martha Stewart on this one.   
Martha only decided to blog Her paperwhites this week.
Hopefully, some of you have gone out and bought some bulbs and are trying this.  Here, in New England, the best/least expensive bulbs that I have found have been at our local Agway Co-ops.  They are $1 each or 10 for $8.   This is not bad for a floral arrangement that will last for weeks.  You can choose your bulbs individually this way. Choose firm bulbs that have just the tip of the stem beginning to grow.  The first batch I bought had too long of stems for me.  That is why they are blooming now.  I also wanted to show the timeline for you readers.  So the second batch I found had much shorter stems. I am keeping them a little cooler and trying for a bloom in mid-December.  The bulbs in boxes may or may not be in the best of shape.  
While I am blogging every day for #NaPoBloMo it would be nice to know if anyone has come to this blog through the BlogHer links.  If you have, and you are now growing some paperwhites, I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU, and see a picture of your flowers, or read Your blog.   Leave me a little love and your url in the comments Here.   Facebook doesn't count because it doesn't record your comments onto the actual blog page.

And Now to the flowers.  I hope you do this, because they SMELL wonderful!! As you see, one of them opened yesterday while I was away having lunch with the lovely Rikki-and Clark and Henry.  (It is a nice step in life when your kids start buying you a meal out.   Thanks Rikki!! I'm all grown up now.  Thoughts for another post?--grown children.) 

. . .a look ahead to Christmas embellishing.  Don't let that green outside fool you, it is darn cold.

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