Thursday, November 14, 2013

Paperwhites Day 10

Timing my paperwhites to be in bloom exactly at the most festive moments
is always a problem. Looking at these blooms shows why.  The flowers in the white 
are now 10 days along.  The aqua pot is at 5 days.  But the crazy ones are
the three single flowers in the little urns.  Planted the same time, they are 
days apart in blooming times.   The two bigger ones already have nice
flower heads forming.  These two will definitely be Thanksgiving flowers.
Watch for a surprise picture at the bottom.   Things to come. . . 

Day 10 for the white pot--day 5 for the green pot--day 5 on the Amaryllis which is just waking up.

Planted the same day--three very different bulb heights.  The long terracotta pot was planted the same
time as the green one, and this one just poked out of the moss today.

Flower buds already on these two.

I had to bring them all in the kitchen for a drink, and because I had to take a night shot because . . . .

. . . . I've been out all day buying this.  I'll reveal it later.

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