Monday, November 11, 2013

Painting Wood Floors and my Brilliant new hallway and master bedroom

The hallway, both up and downstairs, has a beautiful curved wall.  The distressing is intentionally more dramatic at places where there is normally more wear.
One of my more popular posts on Pinterest (follow me here:   has been one Instagram I put on of the upstairs floors that I painted this summer.  Following are details of how you can do the same floor yourself.  It was inspired by other pins, but I've done it my way.  The important things to consider are the sizing and placement of the motif.  This motif was taken from a site listed at the bottom of this posting.  Thank you poster.  They used it as a wall stencil.   I sized it up at Staples copy center.  I tried using a very stiff template to draw on the floor, but found it too inaccurate because of its depth.  So I used just the sheet of paper right out of the copier.  I painted the master bedroom and the adjoining hallway.  The bedroom has the double lined motif morphing into the solid pattern in the hallway.  How they meet and transition is critical to a good design.  I am very pleased with this design.   I began working the whole design right at the transition point in the doorway to make sure it was right.  And the pattern just seemed to fit nicely to all the edges and doorways-there are three doors into this bedroom- in a balanced way.  Lucky, mostly.  I hope you try this too.  White floors are not for the squeamish.   I have two dogs and two cats, one adult child (Dr. Daughter), 4 grandchildren and their parents, chicken poop out on the lawn,  and a man who never takes off his shoes.  I know it will wear and have hair on it.  I purposely "aged" the floor.  The "scuff" marks are not worn through the gray paint, but rather more white paint "scuffed" across the top. As those scuffs wear, pershaps it will look newer?  The paint is Behr floor and  deck paint.  I did not top coat it with any polyurethane.  I will let it wear naturally through.  Though I intend to put some rugs in soon as it is getting cold out.  
The process is a tedious one of drawing the motif over and over again in pencil on the floor.  You must draw it once, then shift the design downward to get the double line effect. (photo to follow.) There is a nice photo of how to do this on my pin board.  Then I painted the lines down free hand with a 3/4 " natural bristle brush.  This is not a precise line.  That is not what I was trying for.  This house has a different character.  Things are wavy, crooked and old.  I am wavy, crooked and old.  You will need some pretty good steady hands to make each line the exact same width.  I didn't try to make them wonky, but I accept my lines with pride.   You will also need some good music to listen to as you paint your way for several days.  I have taught my family to hopscotch over painted areas that are wet.  (Family training is one of the harder parts of all decorating projects.) The dogs and cats were banned upstairs for a while.
This is the popular Instagram photo-filtered-showing an almost finished paint job.

Dip a big bristle brush in paint then take off as much as you can on paper towels.  Use this dry brush technique to "distress" the floor.  Use it to fix any really bad line work you have done.  Magic.  Brilliant, if I do say so.

Graceful transition at the hall doorway.

Close look at the lines.  This is painted over oak flooring.

A new beadboard ceiling has been put up and painted a high glossy white--a custom white that I use on all the trim throughout the house.   The lighting is a Clarissa from Pottery Barn.   The walls are a lighter gray than the floors.

So lovely when lit.  I love the patterns.  Notice the small cove molding.  It also has to curve.  Notches had to be cut our of the back of the molding to give it flexibility.   The ceilings in this house are all about 9'3".  

The pattern lines up perfectly with the stairs and the railings

I enjoy the imperfections of it all.   I include this shot because it has dirt and hair.   Too often all we  see are the styled perfectly clean photo shoots-get real.   Dog throw up cleans up very nicely off the Behr paint--I'd rather find it here than on the adjacent wall to wall carpeting  or an oriental!!

If you look at my Pinterest board for this new bedroom, you will find many ideas for built in storage.   I went with Martha Stewart from Home Depot in a Sharkey Gray.  The hardware is also Martha's.  This is all stock cabinetry.  I have a window seat with a drawer.   To the left are 6 drawer units, two large cupboards and two smaller ones above for seasonal items.  The cushion is by me.   Photography is by Danielle Swords of my favorite Friesian--Lulu in the snow.

Here is a view of the new north wall. Lighting link is on the Pinterest board.  Hold onto your hats:
coming up is the before. . . . .
BEFORE!!!   And by the way:  I have this sink for sale-contact me if you'd like it!!  This center room upstairs was used as a kitchen for many years in an upstairs apartment.  My daughter was fond of that green.  Yes, I did that color.  Sink out--cabinetry in, floor painted.   Now you see WHY the floor needed paint.  Many stains from the water and just 165 years of wear.   That door goes to a large family room and the back stairs.  

Custom curtains by me--actually two different sets of TJMaxx curtains, intercut and reattached with a good light-blocking backing as these windows face due East.  This came out less expensive than buying yard goods.
The ruffled sheers are from Target.  Because of my ceiling heights, I had to tear apart an extra set and add one extra ruffle.   Easy.  The current color scheme adds in a nice red Martha Macy's quilt  for Christmas.  Maybe I'll post more on that later.  I am not yet done with the room.   A new king size bed with a new headboard is in the planning, as is a cool addition to the closet wall.  

Original oil by T. Budge Hyde, a personal friend, professor at Mass Art, and one incredible artist.   One more decorating coup-think barn door hardware- to come on that blank wall.

Here are two links to the stencil by Jones Design Company.  Thank you again.


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