Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

I do not really like shopping for clothes much.  And I have to try stuff on in the privacy of a little dressing room.  Don't get me clothing.  Jewelry is wasted on me.  Chocolate is always good--but I need to give it up (along with a lot of other foods.)  So, here is an open list for my family of what I really want for Christmas.  As I was prepping outside for the onslaught of winter, these are projects that I just didn't get to this summer.  And, truthfully, they are not very good as gifts either, as they need to be done in the summer months.  I guess this post should be more accurately titled, stuff I didn't get done. 

Need to fix that wood rotting away left of the door.  Door? you say? Kind of a big jump to the ground.  Yes, this is a new doorway we made from the kitchen that-after several years-still does not have steps going down, or maybe a deck.
A good gift would be just a drawing and materials list to complete this next year.  The dog and cats can manage that jump, but not me.

The hillside could use some buildup behind the house, and then a nice terrace at ground level, I think.  We walk under those stairs and across the back of the house often, and a deck above ground would make that hard.  I need an excavator, a rock wall builder, beautiful paving materials, or decking and lots of dirt, oh yeah--Money. (I always forget about that part.)

This step rotted off the steps up to the chicken house door.  I need a new step built here.

I need a few replacement clapboards on the chicken house.  And more of those brick pavers around the entrance would make the place easier to navigate in the winter.  I'd like to fill this whole little area in with  those pavers.

Just a view from the other side. I make this trek many times during the day--usually to let the girls out in the morning, pick up eggs, just check on things, and to lock them all back up at night.  This structure is probably well over 100 years old, but is holding up pretty well.

The girls are comfy, or at least as good as they can be-  out of tonight's 0 degree wind chills.  Their water heater is working and they have lots of food.  

I suppose a couple of good books to read would be a better gift--and time spent together playing in "the big room" upstairs.  and chocolate.

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