Saturday, November 9, 2013

More Paperwhites

Never enough.  I potted up twenty more bulbs today--for myself, and for gifts, and for the little boys to watch grow at their own homes.  Here is the short, sweet process:
Gather some watertight pottery.  Two of these were made by my son (now 32) when he was at Eaglebrook school in his middle school years.   He liked throwing pots on the wheel, so we have many.  The brown is one of my favorites.  The aqua pot is a piece of RedWing.  I am giving my son his own blue pot full of bulbs.

Add some stones.   I am working on the front porch as there is gravel at the roof drip line just there.  See it off the edge of the porch?   I just throw it back again when the bulbs are spent in January.

Put the bulbs right on the stones.  They really need the weight of the stones as they grow very tall.

Now, fill the pot to the tops of the bulbs with more stones.

This long pot looks nice in a window.  It will need some kind of water barrier under it, however.  I am not too concerned about the dirt or pine needles in there.  It's all organic, right?  And I will cover it up.

All filled.   I decided to keep my favorite bowl for some other use this season.

I live in a moist place.  So gathering moss just in the yard is easy.  I just scraped this off a rock out back.  Then I put it over the bulbs, making openings for the shoots to come easily through.

The moss up close is really quite ferny looking.  To keep the moss nice, I mist it as often as I can remember.  It also gets a little drink when the water passes through it on its way to the base of the bulbs.  The key is to not put the water too high on the bulbs.    I do not believe in adding anything to inhibit the growth of the stems.  Some put in rubbing alcohol to keep the plants a little shorter.  I did try this and found it really didn't help.  I will plan on staking these up as they grow.

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