Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jack & Jill

Old school posters and maps are quite the thing right now.  But, how to frame them without spending hundreds of dollars?   This is a 1912 vintage school poster that I found at Brimfield.   It would be nice to put it under glass, but alas, I found that quite the pricey option.  Here is my solution:

I'm Jill.  Enough said.  But I am also married to John, who does Not go by Jack, but whatever.
Beautiful artwork.

They don't seem too hurt by their tumble.  Still laughing.
I have here moulding that I have painted black, measured, cut and put strong adhesive strips on.
The strips are about every 12" and on every corner.
First strip applied to the top.

It was important to leave exposed the printing information with date.

Done.  This can be easily removed.  The framing material is actually stuck to the wall and not the paper.   The poster is mounted to the wall with a less vigorous kind of two-sided tape.  And as in the real world (i.e. not a magazine shoot) the treadmill has to go somewhere annoying--else where would we dry out laundry?

One main reason for NOT mounting this poster, is that it is TWO-SIDED!!
This is the other side.

Stunning colors and beautiful mama and baby and the apples.  But look at Daddy getting ready to go hunting.

And look at those sweet little bunnies!
And this is where I believe in today's nursery that it loses its charm.and why this side faces the wall.  Baby in her sweet bed adorned with carved bunnies, and the newly skinned pelts from our cute friends in the last drawing.  Enough to give a little kid bad dreams of nasty, bitey rabbits with big nasty teeth coming back for their mama. 

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