Monday, June 3, 2013

HRH #3

Her Royal Highness, Queenie # 3 is in the house.
Let's hope they really like this one.  They should.  They made her themselves.  Everything looks great in the hive.  I have been suffering from bee angst for two weeks.  Today there are frames filled with capped brood, open larva, and eggs.   And with the black locusts and clover and every other thing in bloom, the frames are dripping with nectar, and they are capping the honey.  YES!!!  Check her out:

HRH #3 is easy to spot with her black back, which I am prepared to paint a bright dot on soon.
Today's inspection included the installation of a mite screen.   I flipped the bottom board around backwards, put the screen on top of it.  This way, I can do a mite check from the back.  The piece above the nice, clean-looking mite screen is the slatted spacer that gives them more room below the frames.   It has eight slats running the same direction as frames.  HRH is on the third frame in right now.  I checker-boarded a few of the outside frames more into the middle to give her more space for brood.

Both hive bodies have brood and food.  There are still unused, undrawn frames on the edges.

A very nice frame.   Capped honey at the top.  Capped brood in the center, and eggs and open larva around the capped brood.  The bees are so organized.  (Sorry for the Batman angle)

Nurse bees in action.

The queen is here.  Can you spot her?  Just her long, fat backside showing in the upper left quadrant.
It is a beautiful thing to find her and see how big and fat she is!

This is the same as the top photo, but not cropped.  Now that you know where she is, she is easier to see.
All stacked up and ready to roll.   I added one box of supers with a queen excluder below.  It has no drawn comb, so it will be a lot of work for them to draw it out (make wax comb) on the new Pierco frames.   With the varroa mite screen and the top vented they should enjoy a little fresh air.  It was well over 90 degrees here over the weekend, but we are
moving toward a little cooler this week.
Now, I think I should focus on my apiary fence and reattach the finial to my Deerfield door.

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