Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lavendar notecards

Winter is the time to dream about next summer and all the possibilities.  I pulled out this shot from eastern Long Island from last summer.  Lavender and sunshine.  Shutterfly was having a sale, so I
made up some note cards with this on them.  I love that the hives reflect the lavendar around them. Maybe I'll write some letters--longhand and snail mail while I sit by the fire.  I've started to think a lot about compost and seeds.  I saw an article in Martha about sprouting some healthy greens in the kitchen and aim to give that my winter attention.

I am optimistic for a better gardening year next season as we are purchasing about an acre of wood lot to our north and plan to cut out some of the closer trees (giant white pines) that border the garden.  Honestly, most of the shade in the yard comes from trees to the south and east.  But, nevertheless, this will give my fruit trees and vegetables more sun since the pines hover directly over them. Not quite a lavender field, but better.  And it might just save the chickens from having anymore trees fall on their house, like they did in last year's "Snowmagaeddon" storm of October 2011.

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