Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wood Chuck

Look at those slices of trees--walnut on the left.  Bears on guard duty.
This is a shop you need to checkout if you are ever driving on Route 7 through New York, just west of Bennington, Vermont.
The owner is a very energetic guy named Chuck  He calls himself Wood Chuck for obvious reasons.
On the day we visited he was busy sawing huge trees into 6" thick slabs to make seats for park benches.  He was very happy to show us how he creates these such gigantic slabs all by himself.  He also does the chainsaw carvings of bears.  He said he sells one just about every day.   The small ones, and I mean the very smallest ones, go for $250.
At the very left side of the picture is a 12' tall Sasquatch-looking figure that he was working on.  It is light-colored and even from this far  HUGE.  Who needs that?
Maybe one of those people on the Squatch hunter shows.  Have you seen that one?  Crazy.
Look at the beautiful slabs leaning against the front.  The one on the left is walnut.  He likes to finish pieces with just a nice Danish or tung oil.

Chuck's saw
a better angle on how this works
This is the giant chainsaw which is mounted on a sliding frame. That's the longest chainsaw I've ever seen.  We stopped there to buy a big slab to make a desk.
Inside he showed us his stash of stuff he was trying to save for something special--he didn't try too hard because we came away with a piece of spalted curly maple.  Spalting is the black lines made within the grain by a fungus, I believe.  Beautiful.  Beautiful. The edges are rough.  I have saved some old beams from the house project that will make a nice base.  This future desk will sit under the window in the studio and we can sit and work on a laptop, have a snack, or C can play with cars.  Pictures of that another day. 
Chuck was anxious that we understand his T-shirt which said "poop" on the front.  I think it stood for something like "people opposed to oil prices."  or at least that was the gist of it.   I tried to convince him he should get his stuff out to Brimfield (which he had never heard of !).    So I am hoping to find him there one day.
After a day kayaking, bee supply buying, and wood shopping we stopped at the Bennington Monument to have our dinner before driving on home.  Goat cheese with roasted tomatos on ciabatta.
Bennington Battle Monument
(I said when I started blogging that I had a long ways to go.  I find I wish I had taken some pics of Chuck and more of his slabs of wood.  Kind of shy with the camera, I guess.  Also, I am still having issues with lining up my photos for publishing.  And I never get a picture of myself, does that matter?)

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