Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The goods

Stylish as usual.  The hat is over my eyes; I'll never see the bees coming.
What am I supposed to do with those long strings?
It was the most beautiful Saturday in April ever.  A quick trip over to Betterbee to get all the stuff was a good plan.  On our way though Cambridge, NY we ran into a huge Pro/Am bicycle race with thousands of bikers.  Should have taken pictures, sorry. Very cool.  Lots of lycra.  Gred Lamond was there somewhere among the flashy shirts and lycra.  I was so excited
to pick up my wooden boxes, etc.
that I didn't think about the racers.

John and the Betterbee worker checking off the order before loading.

Inside their outlet store.
Betterbee's store in Greenwich, NY

All loaded.  Quite a bit of materials.

All spread out on the porch at home
Hive body parts.  Just fit the corners together with glue and nails.  Easy.

My first hive body all built--by me.   8 Pierco frames hanging

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