Tuesday, March 6, 2012

good bye winter

how the mud room has looked all winter
I am spending the day getting rid of all reminders of winter.   The bunnies and spring things are  out.  A little trip to Kringle Candle is in order for something new to decorate with.   But one last farewell.  This is also a quick peek at beehome's world headquarters.  So a week ago we hadn't had much, if any snow all winter, except for SNOWMAGGEDEN back in October.  (Which we missed as we were in sunny California all that week.)  But. . .it has been an open winter, as they call it here in New England.  Then we had 24 hours of snow.  By Thursday this week we should be back up to the 60 degree mark.  Good bye snow for good.   But over the weekend we managed to get all the close-living kids and grandson home for two days of snow fun.  The back hill is steep, sloping off to the pond.  Sledding!!!!  You never get to the pond because the trees will stop you.  Sometimes we skate, but too iffy this year.  If those piles of brush had not been so green, we might have made a nice fire for marshmallows.  Just some pics to compare the no snow/snow week.  It was a brilliant weekend for people and dogs.
view of chicken coop and garage.  no snow all winter -- until last weekend

back of the house the day before the snow

end of a good run - - pond looks frozen over, but I wouldn't try it.  that square post is part of the foundation to an old barn

what a difference a little snow makes -- fun for a day anyway

we figured it was going to rain and he'd need the umbrella over that rootbeer belly

Cornflake took a ride down the hill, too.   whynot?

notice the doggie snow boots on the hands?  the only thing we could strap on that he couldn't take off

Jello LOVES the snow more than any creature on earth

Bart, not so much.   Too much time by the fire has made him soft.

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